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Data Science

Day 310: NLP Discovery – DiffBot’s Knowledge Graph API

80 percent of business information lives in unstructured form, primarily text. It would be great to be able to access these information, however, the ambiguity…
Data Science

Day 280: NLP Discovery – lang.ai’s Unsupervised Intent Discovery (Whitepaper)

There are three main stages to lang.ai’s intent discovery process: Preprocessing Discovery Postprocessing The preprocessing is a simple pipeline of tokenisation, lemmatisation, and automatic correction.…
Data Science

Day 272: NLP Discovery – Prodigy Annotation Tool

What is Prodigy? It's an annotation tool for AI, Machine Learning, and NLP. An example use case is that you can provide seed words and…
Data Science

Day 173: NLP Discovery – Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer (T5)

What is T5 and C4? Transfer learning has been pushing the progression in NLP since 2017. Google has introduced Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer (T5) that's pretrained…
Data Science
Day 50: NLP Discovery – Turing-NLG – A 17-billion parameter Language Model
Data Science
Day 38: NLP Discovery – Google’s Chatbot Meena