Knowledge-aware Applications

Natural Language Understanding

  1. ERNIE2.0: A continual pre-training framework for language understanding
  2. K-BERT: Enabling language representation with knowledge graph
  3. Language models as knowledge bases?
  4. ERNIE: Enhanced representation through knowledge integration
  5. ERNIE: Enhanced language representation with informative entities
  6. Integrating graph contextualized knowledge into pre-trained language models
  7. Barack’s wife hillary: Using knowledge graphs for fact-aware language modeling
  8. Fine-grained event categorization with heterogeneous graph convolutional networks
  9. Combining knowledge with deep convolutional neural networks for short text classification
  10. Jointly modeling inter-slot relations by random walk on knowledge graphs for unsupervised spoken language understanding

Question Answering

  1. KagNet: Knowledge-aware graph networks for common sense reasoning
  2. Cognitive graph for multi-hop reading comprehension at scale
  3. Bidirectional attentive memory networks for question answering over knowledge bases
  4. Common sense for generative multi-hop question answering tasks
  5. Variational reasoning for question answering with knowledge graph
  6. Strong baselines for simple question answering over knowledge graphs with and without neural networks
  7. Generating natural answers by incorporating copying and retrieving mechanisms in sequence-to-sequence learning
  8. CFO: Conditional focused neural question answering with large-scale knowledge bases
  9. Large-scale simple question answering with memory networks

Recommender Systems

  1. KGAT: Knowledge graph attention network for recommendation
  2. Multi-task feature learning for knowledge graph enhanced recommendation
  3. Reinforcement knowledge graph reasoning for explainable recommendation
  4. Explainable reasoning over knowledge graphs for recommendation
  5. DKN: Deep knowledge-aware network for news recommendation
  6. Collaborative knowledge base embedding for recommender systems


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