Temporal Knowledge Graph

Temporal Information Embedding

  1. Tensor decompositions for temporal knowledge base completion
  2. Context-aware temporal knowledge graph embedding
  3. Embedding models for episodic knowledge graphs
  4. Learning sequence encoders for temporal knowledge graph completion
  5. Hyte: Hyperplane-based temporally aware knowledge graph embedding
  6. Deriving validity time in knowledge graph

Entity Dynamics

  1. Diachronic embedding for temporal knowledge graph completion
  2. Recurrent event network for reasoning over temporal knowledge graphs
  3. Know-evolve: Deep temporal reasoning for dynamic knowledge graphs
  4. CTPs: Contextual temporal profiles for time scoping facts using state change detection

Temporal Relational Dependency

  1. Encoding temporal information for time-aware link prediction
  2. Towards time-aware knowledge graph completion

Temporal Logical Reasoning

  1. An embedding-based approach to rule learning in knowledge graphs
  2. Marrying uncertainty and time in knowledge graphs


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