Knowledge Graph Representation


  1. Learning hierarchy-aware knowledge graph embeddings for link prediction
  2. Analogical inference for multi-relational embeddings
  3. Holographic embeddings of knowledge graphs
  4. Learning entity and relation embeddings for knowledge graph completion
  5. Knowledge graph embedding by translating on hyperplanes
  6. Reasoning with neural tensor networks for knowledge base completion
  7. Translating embeddings for modeling multi-relational data

Complex-Vector Space

  1. Quaternion knowledge graph embedding
  2. RotatE: Knowledge graph embedding by relational rotation in complex space
  3. Complex embeddings for simple link prediction

Gaussian Distribution Space

  1. TransG: A generative model for knowledge graph embedding
  2. Learning to represent knowledge graphs with gaussian embedding

Manifold and Group Space

  1. Low-dimensional hyperbolic knowledge graph embeddings
  2. Relation embedding with dihedral group in knowledge graph
  3. Multi-relational poincare graph embeddings
  4. TorusE: Knowledge graph embedding on a liegroup
  5. From one point to a manifold: Orbit models for knowledge graph embedding


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