Neo4j is the world’s leading open source Graph Database developed using Java. A graph database is used to model data and relationships in the form of a graph and it’s consists of two elements: nodes and relationships.

There are many popular graph databases such as:

  1. Neo4j

  2. Oracle NoSQL Database

  3. OrientDB

  4. HypherGraphDB

  5. GraphBase

  6. InfiniteGraph

  7. AllegroGraph

Why should we use graph databases?

Relationships between data are important, sometimes even more important than the data itself. Traditional databases can store structured data but they do not store relationships between data. Graph databases allow us to capture not just the data itself but also the relationships between data.

What’s good about Neo4j?

High availability for large enterprise real-time applications. It can stores semi-structured data with high connectivity between them. Cypher query language is used to build Neo4j’s graph database and it’s human readable and easy to learn.

In Neo4j, there are no fixed schema. You can add or remove properties however you like although you can impose constraints if needed. It has the ACID properties of Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability of a database. It’s highly scalable and reliable and the cypher query language allows us to form complex queries easily without having to write long queries like SQL.



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