What’s task-oriented dialogue agents?

They are agents that focuses on helping users complete tasks. For example, finding locations or making calls.

What’s chatbot?

Chatbots are designed to hold longer conversations, to mimic the unstructured nature of human conversations. A chatbot can has some task-oriented functionalities but it’s more than just helping users completing tasks.

What are the three main chatbot architectures?
  1. Rule-based systems

  2. Informational-retrieval systems

  3. Encoder-decoder models

26.1 Properties of Human Conversation

What are turns?

A conversation is a sequence of turns, where users take turns to contribute to the dialogue. This turn structure makes analysis speech challenging as you need to be able to identify when someone stops talking or has been interrupted, etc.

What are speech acts?

It’s the idea that each utterance in a dialogue is a kind of action being performed by the speaker. There are many different types of actions. For example, the action type “Directive” indicates a user has asked a person to do something, whereas the action type “Acknowledgments” indicates a user is showing gratitude towards another user.

What is grounding?

Grounding means acknowledging that the hearer can understand the speaker. Common ground is where both hearer and speaker agree on what they talked about.

What is implicature?

It means a particular class of licensed inferences. Hearers can draw inferences because conversation is guided by a set of maxims. One example of maxim is the maxim of relevance, which states that users tend to speak about relevant things rather than random speech acts.



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