What are the three types of information disorder?

  1. Misinformation. Unintentional mistakes

  2. Malinformation. Deliberate publication of private information for personal or corporate interest

  3. Disinformation. Combination of misinformation and malinformation. It involves fabrication and deliberately manipulating content

What are the main issues with the rise of language models and NLP capabilities?

The drive of fake news as well as the automation of creating realistic text that could wide spread disinformation. In addition, online discussions are at risk of being dominated by fake, manipulative agents.

Why is it complicated to mitigate the damage of deepfake videos?

  1. People often respond to media that confirms their pre-existing beliefs

  2. Many people will be exposed to the fake version of a story than the fact-checked correction that gets release later

  3. The goal of disinformation is to get people to give up on seeking the truth rather than convincing them

  4. The Liar’s Dividend, where dishonest people deny the authentic bad actions caught on media

What are some of the recommended solutions to counter the malicious use of AI?

  1. Policymakers and tech researchers should collaborate closely

  2. AI engineers and researchers should take dual-use nature of work seriously

  3. Best practices around dual-use should be imported from other areas such as computer security

  4. Expand the range of stakeholders and domain experts involves in these discussions



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