Jarvis in Iron Man is probably one of the coolest AI agent on screen. It would be amazing to be able to build something similar but in reality, we are far from creating something close to that calibre. Jarvis is the 10 stars experience. Jarvis is multi-modal, meaning it has the ability to understand and interpret different forms of data, whether that be structured numerical data or unstructured data like text, images, or videos. Each form of data is its own field.

I started to wonder what kind of things I can build that would resemble a little of what Jarvis can do, which led me to automation of information retrieval and analysis. Here’s the situation, what happen when you don’t know something and want to learn more about it? You google it. What happens next? If you are like me, you probably right tab all the webpages that appeared in the first page of google search results, and read and understand them. By doing so, you will probably find more things to look up, which means you would do your second round of googling, and third, and fourth, and so on until you are done learning what you originally set out to learn.

I have decided to research and build the above under the project name projectJarvis. This will be a great project for me to not only learn new NLP concepts but also combine all my existing NLP knowledge to build a single software. Throughout the year, I will continuously blog about my progress on projectJarvis whenever I made new advancement. Stay tune!



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